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  1. Jun
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    Hi Fujianto,

    First thing great theme!
    Hope you can assist me, I made some changes on the menu so far everything is working except when doing a mouse over I can’t seem to find the code to change the color of the background-color

    Thanks again

  2. Arsalan Masood
    Arsalan Masood
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    Bundle of thanks for an awesome theme. I am loving it.. :)
    I want to move search box in the one menu which i am using on my site http://www.enstructive.com with white search input area, should be fitted in current menu size at right side. plz guide me as i don’t know much about these stuff.
    appreciate in advance for help.

  3. Jens-Christian Kjaer

    I was wondering; the translating part? my site is Danish and small things like “This gallery contains 2 photos” or “No comment , Edit” I would very much like to change to Danish, is this possible?

  4. Bill
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    So far your theme is working out for me. thanks!
    But I’m trying to change the following:
    1) font size of the widgets in the sidebar. eg. when I use custom menu, the menu being listed on the side bar is too small. how do i make it bigger?
    2) I would like to change the content size, type, color of each post/page. How do I do this?
    I admit my css is not that good. I tried
    #primary, #secondary{
    font-size: 15px;
    but didn’t do anything.

  5. Sam Hertzinger
    Sam Hertzinger
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    Hello Fujianto,

    I like your theme a lot. I would like it even more if I could change the background color of all pages and posts to black and the the two sidebars’ background color to dark gray, with the font colors white. Is that possible? BTW, I am a novice in wordpress!



  6. Annika
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    Hi, I like this theme. It fits almost all my needs.
    Could you help me to change top menu font size? I tried to change it in custom CSS. Nothing happened.

  7. Ramesha
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    I liked the design and I am trying to use this design on my website. I noticed the following. If I enable the logo, then the “Title and Tag lines” disappear. I want to have the “Logo”,”Title and Tag lines” and the “ad” all in one row. I also like to have the ability to align the 3 items closer. For example, If the logo size and the ‘ad’ size is smaller, then it should align closer to the ‘Title and Tag lines’ on either side of it. I tried to do this by editing the header.php file. I was not successful at it. I was wondering if you can show how I can put the 3 items closer together and to the center of my page.

  8. Jeremy
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    I am trying to get the Logo area to expand move. Can you please give me an idea of how to do this?


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